Why Hemp Fabric Is Better Than Other Materials for Clothing

Hemp fabric is sturdy, soft, and good for the environment. But is it better than other fabrics? 

In this article, we stack hemp fabric against cotton, wool, and polyester. By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly why hemp is the superior choice.

Hemp fabric vs. cotton

Let’s start with the most difficult comparison. Cotton, especially organic cotton, is a great fabric for clothing. It’s durable, soft, and breathable. Plus, cotton is so widely produced that you can get clothes in any style you can imagine.

But that alone doesn’t mean cotton is a better choice than hemp.

If we’re talking strength, hemp is four times as strong as cotton. It’s less susceptible to stretching, meaning your hemp clothing maintains its shape for longer. Scrapes and scratches are less of a problem, thanks to hemp’s anti-abrasion properties.

Hemp fabric is also more sustainable than cotton. It takes 91 percent less water to produce and generates 46 percent fewer CO2 emissions. Hemp takes the fight to CO2 because the plant absorbs four times more of this greenhouse gas than trees.

Finally, there’s the softness argument. Hemp has an unfair reputation as being a rough material. It isn’t. Clothing made using hemp fabric starts soft and only gets softer with time. You’ll have no comfort issues when you buy high-quality hemp clothes.

Hemp fabric vs. wool

People have made clothes from wool for centuries. It’s warm and comfortable, making it great for winter wear.

But hemp fabric is often a better choice for several reasons.

First, compare the energy required to rear sheep, keep them fed, and harvest their wool. There are a lot of resources involved, which can have a significant impact on the planet. Hemp is a far less resource-intensive fabric to create, both in terms of growing the plant and turning it into fashionable clothing.

Strength is another crucial benefit.

Wool is susceptible to so many issues. It breaks down rather than breaks in, meaning you end up with stretched clothing and fibres sticking out. Hemp’s strength means it lasts far longer than wool, making it the more cost-effective material. As an additional bonus, hemp fabric is also much easier to maintain.

Finally, both materials help with temperature regulation. But of the two, only hemp regulates temperatures year-round. Wool is great for the winter but can leave you feeling like a sweaty mess when the sun comes around.

Hemp fabric vs. polyester

Hemp immediately has one standout advantage over polyester.

Hemp is a natural fabric.

Polyester is plastic.

Manufacturers use approximately 70 million barrels of oil to make polyester annually. Those barrels are filled with fossil fuels that contribute to the climate challenge the Earth currently faces. Regarding sustainability, the hemp fabric production process is far better for the planet’s long-term outlook.

What about the experience of wearing the two fabrics?

Polyester is so popular because it’s cheap. But you’ll feel that cheapness on your skin when you wear it. Polyester does a terrible job conducting heat and taking care of moisture, leading to sweat build-up that can cause rashes and irritation. Hemp fabric can breathe. It also guides moisture away from your body to create a more comfortable wearing experience.

Finally, there’s the microplastic issue.

Every wash of polyester fabric releases plastic microfibers into the water supply. If you eat fish or drink water, there’s a good chance these microplastics will find their way into your body. The average person ingests 74,000 microplastics per year.

Polyester creates a human problem as well as an environmental one. Hemp fabric doesn’t.

Choose Hemp Fabric

With so many environmental benefits, hemp fabric is the best choice for the future of the planet. But it’s also the best choice for anybody who wants strong, attractive, and breathable clothes. At Made in Hemp, we offer men’s, women’s, and children’s hemp clothing.

Check out our collections or give us a call at 02 4334 2000 to discover the beauty of hemp clothing.

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