Hemp Farming

Hemp Farming in Australia

Recent changes in Australian legislation made in November 2017 have rapidly increased the demand for hemp: seeds, oil, flour & protein and their derivative products. In turn, greater demand for Australian grown hemp is now encouraging more farmers to explore opportunities to produce a home grown crop.

Investment in the Australian Hemp Industry

At the moment, there is still a significant lack of investment in the technology and infrastructure that is required to produce hemp seed products. Especially, products of a high quality that compare equally or ideally, favourable to international standards. There is also a lack of authentic certified organic products. Sadly, most of the “Australian” hemp seed products and, particularly the certified organic products available in Australia, are still grown in China. They’re merely processed and packaged here in Australia, with some deliberate misleading marketing. That encourages Australians into buying a very substandard product whilst thinking they are supporting Australian agriculture.

A Better Future For Australian Hemp Farmers

Made In Hemp, through Made In Hemp Allied Processing, has now received Government assistance, in the form of funding and access to additional professional services. This will go towards the establishment of a state-of-the-art processing plant to enable farmers to serve an important role in helping to create a product that is of international standard. This will no doubt be a huge win for both the domestic and international markets. It is our intention to create a multi-faceted processing plant that will enable us to not only play an instrumental role in the construction of such a faciity, but also provide seed and agronomic advice to better equip Australian farmers. This is something that has been lacking for too long. If you feel this is an opportunity that you can contribute to or would simply like to register an interest, please get in contact with our farming team to see how you can join in on what could be a very lucrative and worthwhile addition to Australian agriculture.

Please call 02 4334 2000 to discuss your hemp farming potential with us