Top Women's Clothing Types in Australia in 2023

women clothing australiaFashion is among the biggest industrial polluters, with more than two billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. For that reason, sustainable fashion plays a crucial role in controlling the industry's environmental impact.

Hemp clothing, an increasingly popular choice in Australia, checks all the eco-friendly boxes. This article previews the top women’s clothing Australia welcomes in 2023. Our focus is on sustainable fashion and hemp products.

The Rise of Sustainable Fashion

Fashion brands and shoppers have started to recognize the need for sustainable fashion. With climate change being a reality in Australia and the rest of the world, it's time to shift towards more sustainable fashion practices.


As fashion production grows at a lightning rate, shoppers and manufacturers accumulate more and more waste. On average, Aussies acquire 23 kilograms of clothing per person each year, and 800,000 tonnes of fabrics get thrown into landfills.

These are real issues that clothing manufacturers need to address. Brands are starting to rethink their manufacturing processes. As a result, new sustainable fashion practices have emerged:

  • Upcycling – reusing clothing waste material to create new pieces of clothing.

  • Recycling – creating new products from recycled materials like plastic bottles, nylon, fruit by-products, wool, cotton, cashmere, etc.

  • Eco-friendly production methods – making sure clothing production affects the environment as little as possible.

You'll also likely hear more brands and fashion experts use terms like "green fashion," "circular economy," or "cradle to cradle." These approaches all have sustainable practices in common that aim to lower the impact fashion and other industries have on the environment.

The Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Hemp clothing comes from the stalks of the Cannabis Sativa plant. This material has unique properties that make it both tough and comfortable, insulating and breathable.

Marketers praise hemp clothing for its added environmental benefits compared to other fabrics. But is this just a marketing myth or a reality? Since hemp fabric needs far less land and water than cotton to process, the answer is obvious.

Traditional clothing production requires 8,000 synthetic chemicals. Some 3,250 litres of water are needed to make one T-shirt. Fast fashion only spikes up these stats further. Hemp clothing production is not fast fashion.

The benefits of hemp are numerous. This material naturally filters UV light and has antibacterial properties. Additionally, hemp is four times stronger than cotton. Washing hemp doesn't change this property. Even though hemp clothing has a narrower colour selection, the available colours hardly ever wash away. In terms of production, hemp requires minimal water and land. Most varieties can thrive with only rainwater.

Everything from the choice of materials, ethical working conditions, eco-friendly clothes production, and transportation must meet the highest standards. This complex process calls for more work and investment. Hence, sustainable clothing is pricier than its fast-fashion alternatives. But you know that the investment is well worth the price.

Top Women's Clothing Types in Australia in 2023

Dresses, jumpsuits, t-shirts, shorts, and pants are some of the most popular clothing types for women in Australia. The sustainable options, notably those made from hemp, come in various colours and styles to match all occasions.

Mix and match sustainable clothing pieces like hemp, linen, or bamboo to add texture or go all-in on a single sustainable material. If you appreciate comfort, you'll never opt for anything else once you purchase natural materials.

Plus, hemp products make excellent layering companions. Their unique porous fibre structure has excellent heat capacity but is also highly breathable.

Made In Hemp offers many items of women's clothing made from sustainable materials. Our clothing pieces are soft to the touch yet stronger than cotton. You can choose from pure hemp or combinations of hemp and bamboo.

Planning to Shift to More Sustainable Clothing? Now's the Right Time

The fashion industry's environment-damaging footprint is getting bigger by the day. It's time to reduce our carbon footprint by making wise shopping choices. As we become more aware of the importance of sustainable fashion, we should start investing in eco-friendly products like hemp clothing.

Check out Made In Hemp's sustainable women's clothing collection and make a positive change today.

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