Hemp Shaving Stick

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This natural shaving stick is designed to moisturise the skin to keep suppleness and lubrication while shaving. Natural formulation provides a moisturising shave and helps blades last longer.

What to expect

Consistency :Thick lather foaming bar.

Scent: Sharp spearmint with fresh top notes.

Benefits: Clean shave with skin left smooth and soft.

How to use

For best results, dip a shaving brush in warm water before stubbing the bar around the bristles to coat in a thick lather. Circulate the brush over the cheeks and neck rubbing to create a heavy foamy beard. Shave with a razor, and rinse well. Alternatively, rub bar over cheeks and neck. Use your hand to froth, working into a thick lather. Shave with a razor, and rinse well.

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